Sunday, February 15, 2009

16/02/09 after school

Today i wake up at 6.10 and shower ,eat my bread fast and go to the bus stop to wait for bus,123 or 195 to school .I reach school and then go to the parade square and Mrs kuah call all of the primary 3to 6 to sing muneru valiba.Then miss leong bring the primary 5 to the hall and then we listen to the social studies lecture and then i went back to class with my classmates for art lesson and then we went for e-music then during recess i play basketball with some of my friends,i went to the hall and jia cai canna scolded by Mr choeng wahhhh he shouted very loudly........We went back to the class and then it is Chinese lesson!!our Chinese teacher is very creative he make our class a blog...and it is name( maths lesson we got CA1 revision paper and I have done until half page then it is raining heavily and i went to the bus stop nearby,and then i reach home and use computer.......

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