Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother's day just over.It should be another memorial day to remember but it is not a happy one.We celebrate mother's day as a big family with 阿嬷 every year.Not to said, this year the same.But this year very different, with her lying on the bed unconsciously.And i miss her beautiful smile.21 days unconcious and already into her 7 days without food and medication.Doctor not allowing, claiming that it's no point as her organs no longer function, she can't absorb the food too.We suggested to inject glucose to her so at least she got energy to help her fight this war.Doctor already given up that's why no food and medication is suggested to be given but we still not yet gonna give up.We chanting and praying everyday, now we can only rely on this.We're still waiting for the miracle.阿嬷 fighting spirit is high,How can a normal human maintains their blood pressure, heartbeat and appearance without any food resource for 7 days?????She still looks so beautifully.She tried so hard to survive, we definitely won't gonna give up on our side too.But doctor disagreed, due to the side effect it may have and may make her suffer more.Doctor point of view is to let her suffer less and 安乐死。But we still trying our best to prove it to the doctor "MIRACLE".The miracle she had in year 1976 where she's paralyse but she walked (really able to walk) out of the bed healtily.*pray*We're blessed that the god sent two guarding angels (nurse; Weilong and Esther) down to take care of 阿嬷.They're doing more than what a nurse should do.They even want to help without any salary.And...Still this year, we never failed to sing her a "世上只有妈妈(阿嬷)好".Even Weilong sing along with us.How touching it is, right!Not getting enough rest for the past few weeksReally not easy for everyone, perhaps it's a 考验 for everyone.Lastly,阿嬷,祝你母亲节快乐!我们永远爱你。

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