Friday, May 22, 2009

The noble one in my LifeThis may come out to be a very long post. There are words which I really can't express out to them face to face and I will like my children to know how important they are to me.
My Heart of Gold grandmother(Your great-grandmother)She is a very special and beautiful woman I have known. A heart, that's made from the finest purest gold. Being thoughtful to others, it sees sincerely as duty. She is a noble woman that I am so proud.She is one that is being sent down from Heaven to save people. No matter what, she tried her very best to save people around her without asking for any return. She spends all her money to help people. Even if she is down with illness, she still tried her best to save and praying for a peaceful world. She suffered so much just to help others.My children, you must always bear in mind that your life is owned by her. No her, you won't be exist in the earth. No her, I won't have such a healthy children for me to love and dote on. You may not understand what I mean and you don't need to know also. Just bless her, even when one day she needs to leave the land of living.I will like to thank her... Really,Thank you for being a special person that you are. Thank you for the love and care that you have shown. And thank you for the endless love that has stretched so far.
Once again feeling *sad*

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